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Power Conversion Capabilities/Services

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Master Electronics is franchised for some of the finest, world-class manufacturers of power conversion technology. We offer a broad line of both AC to DC & DC to DC products, with thousands of part numbers in stock.

Low Power Switching AC to DC Power Supplies
  • 15 to 350 watts
  • Enclosed & Open Frame
  • Safety Agency Approvals
Add Frame Switching AC to DC Power Supplies
  • General Purposes 5 to 500 Watts
  • Standard 3"x5" to 400 Watts
  • U-Channel
LED Power Supply
DIN Rail Seriesto 960 Watts
Single Output to 3000 Watts
Medical Adapters & Open Frame
Open Frame Linears
Adaptors/Desk Tops to 280 Watts
DC to DC to 100 Watts
Value Added Services
  • Build-to-Print
  • Customized product testing and documentation
  • Custom packging and labeling
  • Power Supply Cable Assemblies
Integrated Modular Mid-Power
The Mean Well & Power One Modular series have configurable and
current outputs, with millions of combinations available, We can configure,
bulid, test, and ship with in 24 hours. Minimum order quantity is ONE!!!

  • 450, 650, 900, 1000, 1600 Watts Chassis
  • 75, 100, 150, 266, 300 Watt Dual Output Modules
  • As many as (14) Isolated Outputs
  • 1.6 VDC to 53 VDC
  • Safety Agency Approved
  • Series and Parallel connections available
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